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Gioddy  Group Limited Introduction


      Guangzhou Baiyun Gioddy Leather Bag Factory was established in 2006, company since its establishment, the scale grows gradually. Our business was founded on the idea that” Zero-Defect Quality and Zero-Complaint Service”. And “Dedicated to the Job “is the spiritual core of Gioddy, the essence is honest tenet, kindheartedness and humanism. Dedicated to the Job” of every employee reflects their deep emotions and lofty sense, also it is the specific requirement of professional ethics and values in Gioddy.


       As an excellent leather bag factory, Gioddy has taken deep roots in the heart of customers. Share Premium Brandas the brand connotation of Gioddyit expresses the philosophies that Gioddy want to supply the best quality to lots of international brands, and grow together with our employees. Gioddy will embrace all parties, continue to the development of company and moving forward with open mindset, to build a high quality and famous brand for leather bag industry.


The performance standards for selection and employment of Gioddy:


1.  Customer First: Customer is God, the performance standard for employees is that whether they laying patients in the first place.

2.  Team Work: Share and burden all together, team grows based on personal development.

3.  Embrace Change: welcome changes and do not afraid to innovate.

4.   Honesty: To be integrity and aboveboard.

5.   Passion: Remain optimistic, never give up.

6.   Dedicated to the Job: To be obsession and keep improving.


Gioddy hope to realize our dream with anyone who are passionate, and share the future with anyone who had a dream!